The Last of Us Remastered Is Official

While the game was leaked via Sony’s own online store, Sony has decided to come clean and officially revealed on the PlayStation Blog.  That’s right, you’ll soon be able to relive all the awesomeness of The Last of Us, and it’s story based DLC, Left Behind, on the PlayStation 4. The remastered version will include the game at 1080p along with higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, upgraded textures, along with even more improvements. The game will also include all the DLC, including Left Behind, and some special features. Much like a movie, the game will also include a directors commentary throughout the title.

Last of US Re

If you pre-order the game you will get all of the following as a bonus:

  1. 100 Supply Points (XP) for use in Factions mode
  2. Two special bonus skins for Joel and Ellie which will be unlocked after your complete the single player campaign
  3. Increased Crafting Speed for use in the Single Player Campaign
  4. Increased Healing Speed for use in the Single Player Campaign
  5. 9mm Reload Speed Increase Upgrade for use in the Single Player Campaign
  6. Rifle Clip Capacity Increase Upgrade for use in the Single Player Campaign

Now comes the bad news. According to retailer listings, this remastered game will cost us a full $60 dollars. To be entirely honest, that is the part that totally killed my excitement. I already paid for the limited edition version on PS3 (which is expensive) and the Left Behind DLC. Yet there is no upgrade option for people like me? What happened to that idea?

Then to top it off these remastered games at full price feel like a rip off when you compare them to HD collections last generation. Those collections were basically the same idea except they came with 3 games, had a  bigger step up, and only cost $40…. Today we get a slightly updated game, and pay full price again? This is the second time it has happened and I’m sure others are waiting in line.

I love The Last of Us, but with the amount of money I already dumped into the game, I’m not too thrilled about the price.  What do you guys think?   Are you willing to pay more for this game once again?