The Latest NX Rumor Makes It Portable

Gaming streams really can’t go a month without some type of Nintendo NX “leak” that Nintendo never confirms or denies. So the latest in the series of leaks is from Eurogamer which seems to confirm the upcoming unit is indeed a hyrbid console.

The report suggests that the new console will have detachable controllers, and become a full on-the-go experience. Then when you return home you can connect it to a docking station and enjoy the games on your TV.

The rumor also further suggests that the unit will return to cartridge based games, this time capping space at 32GB. That isn’t a lot of room when you look at other current generation titles easily doubling that.

The device will also run on software Nintendo created in-house and not on Android like previous rumors suggested.

All details are lining up with what previous rumors hinted at. The major rumor being that Nintendo was releasing two units, both a handheld and console. This rumor would suggest that the two units actually function as one.

None of this is too surprising until you read further rumors that Nintendo isn’t targeting a “high end market” at all. According to the same report the device isn’t nearly as powerful as current consoles, and Nintendo plans to keep it that way. Instead the focus will be the ability to take games on the road, then come home and play them.

I don’t know how I feel about that because the Vita and PSP already pretty much went that road (PSP had a cord to connect to the TV, and Vita had PSTV) and there was a major problem. People with portable devices want quick easy access titles. Does Nintendo abandon the home market entirely, or do they find a bridge to make portable games and home entertainment the same concept? The good news, I’d assume, is the ability to play Pokemon on your TV.

Personally I was hoping for a true hybrid scenerio. Play AAA titles at home, then when you detach the device and take it with you the game simply downgrades for the on-the-go experience. If Nintendo isn’t even trying to compete with current units, what does that mean when PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio release? Nintendo could easily start slipping fast.

Another issue I have is that this thing sounds huge, and hungry for power. Even if they don’t try to hit high end quality the unit most likely will have a screen and specs that drain the battery fast. Then we are talking about detachable controllers, do they fold? We don’t know anything and it just sounds like carrying a old laptop around, then coming home and connecting it to your PC.

One thing I’m personally okay with entirely is the return to cartridges. Note this isn’t N64 cartridges, this could be Vita style cartridges. They are easier to take with you, and much more durable than discs.