The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Gets a Teaser Trailer

The first trailer for the upcoming Lord of the Rings video game, that puts you in the role of Gollum, has arrived.

At the start of this Summer, we got our first look at the new Lord of the Rings video game, Gollum. Today, however, we’re getting our first teaser trailer offering a glimpse of Tolkien’s world in action:

The teaser doesn’t offer up a whole lot here, aside from a better look at how this incarnation of Gollum will look. I’m digging the overall Mordor vibes, and fantasy feel they’ve managed to capture in such a short time. I would very much like a look at the gameplay or even a sense of how this story is going to work.

The title comes from Daedelic and will be a stealth adventure title, which will presumably still be centered on a story set before the events of The Hobbit. While there’s no release date set for the game yet, I’m hoping this first trailer is a herald of more information to come soon.