The Matches Are Set for UGF’s MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye

About 3 weeks ago, 8 competitors arrived at Nerdvana Food & Spirits in Frisco for one reason, to become the #1 Contender for the, newly created, Cinelinx UGF Championship.  It wouldn’t be easy, though, as they’d have to compete in several grueling games of Mario Kart 8.  In the end, it would come down to #4 The Kingsman vs #2 Quad C in the finals.  

With a miraculous come from behind finish, Quad C would win Mario Kart Madness and earn himself the opportunity to play for the Championship on September 22, 2017.

Later that night, that Championship was on the line as BC played Tha Mad Zack in a Best of 5 Matches Injustice 2 finale for the right to become the first Cinelinx UGF Champion.  Both competitors entered confident, but it wouldn’t last for one player.  In convincing fashion, BC dominated Tha Mad Zack to win the belt.

Now, the Cinelinx UGF Champion BC will defend his title, next week in the main event of MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye, against Mario Kart Madness winner Quad C in GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64!  

Before that match, 8 competitors will once again enter the Nerdvana Arena to play Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite for the opportunity to face the winner of the GoldenEye main event.  Here is how the first round will match-up:

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*Seeding based on previous tournament results.  New entrants have lower seeding.

There are a lot of questions for each of these competitors, starting with the #1 The Kingsman.  He dominated Mario Kart Madness, getting so much as finger-tip away from winning the entire thing, but a horrible final game caused him to burn out, dashing his championship hopes.  Can he come back from such a stunning defeat?

#2 Tha Mad Zack is a previous tournament winner, winning the ARMS tournament 2 months ago, but flopped when he faced off in the championship game.  Will he be able to, once again, claim tournament glory to redeem the championship loss?

#3 Ash pulled off a strong round 1 performance against Ntropi in Mario Kart Madness, but couldn’t maintain that winning streak against Quad C.  Can she make it farther, playing in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite?

#4 Ntropi has been training for this event since he heard the game we’d be playing.  Will it pay off with a #1 Contendership?

#5 LLP was not happy with how he performed at Mario Kart Madness.  Now, we get into his wheelhouse with the fighting genre.  Is this the beginning of the rise of LLP?

#6 LA felt as though he got cheated at Mario Kart Madness.  As he always does, he came in extremely confident after his performance at the ARMS tournament where he barely lost to Zack in the finals.  In the end, he was upset in round 1 and made sure the whole world knew about it.  If he goes far in this tournament, he’ll make sure everyone knows about it.

#7 We are excited to have “Dot Mob” Kenny Steele making his debut at MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye!  He’s been a champion in the squared circle and hopes to win championship gold at UGF.

#8 Carter will be the wildcard of the bunch.  He’s a talented gamer who is a bit of an unknown.  Will we have another #1 Seed upset?

The United Gaming Federation is also proud to reveal the new UGF announce team of Matthew Fisher, Good Ol’ Phil Woodyard, Frankie Fisher, and Livi!

Finally, as thanks for tuning into UGF, one lucky winner will walk away with a Destiny 2 code for PS4.  We’ll have more information on how to win it soon, but following @CinelinxUGF and watching on September 22, 2017 at 7pm CST on Cinelinx channels of YouTube, Facebook, Mixer, and Twitch will greatly help your chances of winning!