Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Released Episodically, Plus New Gameplay Trailer

[Editor’s UPDATE:  I’ve updated our original article (which you can find in full below) to reflect the new press release from Square Enix in which they have revealed the Final Fantasy VII remake will be released in episodes (like Life is Strange or the Telltale games) wherein each episode will have it’s own unique aspects to make them enjoyable on their own.  If you want to play the FULL game right now, you can download the original game’s PC port onto your PlayStation 4.]  

This new footage may be the most exciting trailer to come out of PSX 2015.  The trailer shows exponentially better graphics from the 1997 original.  That’s just what we’ve come to know from Square Enix, though.

That’s just the first thing we saw.  It becomes more apparent as you watch the trailer, that this isn’t the flat-layout game from your childhood.  Square Enix has created a more complex layout as you follow your favorite characters throughout this game.  I have to admit, I got irrationally gitty when I saw Cloud crouch underneath the rubble.

Plus, Square Enix has revamped the fighting scheme for the Remake.  It looks to be more Action-RPG over Turn-Based RPG.  I’d normally prefer the turn based because that’s how the original was. However, if this is a complete remake then I understand that they’d try to make the game faster by going into this system.  Most fans may be upset but I really think this will be a welcome addition to an even more welcome remake.

There is no release date announced, as of yet.

What do you think of Final Fantasy VII Remake so far?