The Next Civilization Game is Taking to the Stars

When I heard that 2K and Firaxis were planning on announcing their next project at PAX East, I was estatic.  XCOM: Enemy Within is still being played on a regular basis in my house and remains one of my favorite strategy games.  So part of me was hoping for a new XCOM title announcement, but what we’re getting could be even better: Civilization in space!  

Fans of the Civilization franchise should be very excited to hear about Civilization: Beyond Earth.  While older fans will undoubtedly begin comparisons to Alpha Centauri (the Civ spin-off from the 90s), the developers have made it clear that they want Beyond Earth to forge it’s own path.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the brand still belongs to another studio…Anyway, it’s probably a safe bet to think of this as a ‘spiritual successor’ in much the same way Firaxis revitalized the XCOM franchise. 

Civilization: Beyond Earth will be released later this year (in the Fall) for PC, Mac, and Linux and will feature many of the same mechanics fans of Civ have come to know and love, with twists here and there.  Obviously, the biggest change is that gamers no longer have a historical basis/path to follow, as the game takes place on an alien planet, giving you more freedom to create your own history.  Their will be a different narrative focus for gamers as well, with quests available to explore the alien landscape, and very different victory conditions from what gamers have known from prior Civ games. 

More details will be coming in soon, so be sure to stay tuned, but I for one am incredibly excited.  What about you guys, are you happy to see a new kind of Civilization game coming soon?