The Sims 4 Has Become A Trust Test For EA/Gamers

Any fan of simulation games will remember the great mistake EA made with SimCity recently. The game required you to be online at all times, and fans absolutely dispised it. Well EA promised to not make the same mistakes with The Sims 4. 

So far they haven’t. EA has made it beyond clear that you can jump online and offline and enjoy the game perfectly fine. They mention it almost any time they try to communicate new community features for the game. Yet while fans are super happy about this, EA has stumbled again in other areas. 

In a recent blog on the official Sims website, “Sim Guru Ryan” has noted some features that will be coming to Sims 4. That’s all great and dandy, but he also mentioned a few things that will be excluded from the game. Some of those features include a lack of a toddler stage for your sims life, no pool building (but you can build fountains), and the CAS (Create-A-Style) feature seems to also be excluded so far. 

After the announcement fans wasted no time expressing their concern for these features. The first comment on their blog pretty much highlights what everybody is saying. The lack of features is an example of them not paying attention to the community at all. CAS was probably the most succesful feature of The Sims 3, and toddler stages were used to tell sims stories. 

As for me? Well I can’t grasp the concept of why something that has been a staple in the franchise is not included in a new high end game. Yes pools don’t seem like much, but when designing a backyard they become the focus. Not fountains, not bushes, but great looking pools. Plus we all love the good ole classic way of removing the ladder and watching a sim drown. Evil, I know. 

So what does this all mean, why is it a test? Well the common joke at this point is “expect an expansion pack with it included.” So far EA seems to be stating that so much is going into the game that this stuff was simply left out. To me that’s fine, patch it in later then, right? Well no, what if instead we see a “Sims 4 Summer Pack” a few months after release for $30 dollars. In this pack is, dun dun dun, pools! Then maybe we see a Family Legacy Pack, or a Creation Pack that includes CAS in it. 

Would that be fair to the fans of the series? If you ask me, no. Yet if these features are patched in to the game after release, entirely for free, I think they deserve a little respect for being honest and truly making sure these features function correctly. 

My question to you, how do you feel about the lacking features?