The Slayer Raises Hell in The Latest DOOM Eternal Trailer

Today, Bethesda and iD Software have released the second story trailer for DOOM ETERNAL. With only two months left till The Slayer returns, today’s trailer showcases more story, kills, and enemy highlights than any previous trailer!

We get a small glimpse of the Gladiator and the one and only Marauder! The Gladiator, of course, looks cool but the one that has my attention more than the other enemies is the Marauder. Is this larger than life character just a powerful demon? Or is this a former Slayer corrupted by the demons of hell? We will hopefully find out soon!

Lastly, the music and overall feel of DOOM Eternal is looking bigger and better than ever. I couldn’t help but feel my blood boil and my adrenaline pump like never before while watching the DOOM Slayer kick-ass while ripping and tearing his way through all the demons in his way! Please check back here for more news on this title, the review, and more!

DOOM Eternal releases March 20, 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam or