THQNordic Confirms Darksiders III With A Trailer

After Amazon inadvertantly (or possibly advertantly) posted a retail page for Darksiders III, THQNordic wasted no time in confirming the leak to be true, acknowledging that the developer had been in cahoots with the Gunfire Games studio to create a 3rd game in the Darksiders franchise.  Since that wouldn’t be enough to sate our thirst for more, they gave IGN the honors to release the first trailer for Darksiders III.

Just as Dustin reported in his previous article, Darksiders III follows Fury, the sister of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as she tries to fend off the seven deadly sins that are ravaging the mortal world. 

As of now, Darksiders III is slated for a 2018 release date.  Since we’re seeing a trailer of this quality now, we can assume that we’ll have an official release date sooner rather than later.

When more information drops on Darksiders III, we’ll have it here for you on!