Three Disney 16-Bit Platformers Are Making a Comeback

Just watching that trailer brings me back to the days of flying to Greece and fighting with my brother over the right to play either Aladdin or The Lion King on our SEGA Genesis.  These were such amazing games of their time.  It was right around the same time that the movies were huge, so being able to experience these adventures from anywhere was mind-blowing.  

Now, we can all experience these Hall of Fame-worthy games as has re-released Aladdin, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King to play on their site.  The games are available now for $9.99 each or a discounted bundle of $19.99.

While I can’t say that I’ve played The Jungle Book, I can say that I’m excited to do so now!  It’s now part of a long line of Disney Interactive re-releases on that include, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, X-Wing Special Edition, and TIE Fighter Special Edition, along with many more.  

As an added bonus, the 3 Classic Disney Platformers are available today for 10% less!  It’s only a dollar but we all know every dollar counts!

Are you up for re-living these classic retro games?