Time to Gander at Physical Editions of Untitled Goose Game on Switch, PS4

Physical Editions of the critically-successful Untitled Goose Game are now available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 at major retailers and through iam8bit.com.

“Created in collaboration with Panic and House House, with distribution by Skybound Games, fans of the charming, mischievous geese will now be able to take home the one-of-a-kind iam8bit-exclusive “Lovely Edition,” with innovative eco-friendly packaging made with 100% recyclable materials. Also available are the physical boxed editions for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and the game’s dynamic soundtrack on reclaimed vinyl,” developers said in a press release.

The Standard Physical Edition includes:

  • A Spring/Summer edition of the Plaza Catalogue, a 24-page retail catalogue featuring useful items a goose may want to collect.
  • An 11×17 Village Map poster, hand-illustrated by Melbourne-based artist and game developer Marigold Bartlett
  • An extra-sticky No Goose sticker

The “Lovely Edition” of the game is $5 more and developers say, “It’s called the ‘Lovely Edition,’ because it’s a lovely game in a lovely box that’s lovely for the environment! The iam8bit exclusive ‘Lovely Edition’ of Untitled Goose Game will feature all of the standard edition collectible goodies but with an environmentally friendly twist.”

“The Vinyl Soundtrack features sounds by “Claude Debussy is a legendary 20th Century French composer, famous for his ‘symphonic sketches.’ Over 100 years after penning his masterpiece, Préludes, composer Dan Golding saw an opportunity in adapting Debussy’s whimsical melodic chaos into the soundtrack for Untitled Goose Game. Through meticulous musical surgery, he recorded a few of Debussy’s classics, then broke them into hundreds of stems, which afforded developer House House the ability to turn those riffs into a dynamic, reactionary anthem for game’s titular (and feathery) anti-hero. iam8bit celebrates this one-of-a-kind soundtrack with an equally unique release on wax,” developers said.

The Vinyl Soundtrack includes:

  • Music by Dan Golding, adapted from Claude Debussy’s Préludes
  • Unique “Double Groove” pressing, creating a random playback experience each time
    you listen, mimicking the dynamic, reactive nature of the in-game soundtrack
  • Pressed on reclaimed vinyl (literally, grinding up old vinyl and melting it into new discs)
    As a result, the coloring of each vinyl is unique and a surprise!
  • 100% recycled jacket