Titanfall 2 Dev Diary Dives Into Server Implementation

The Titanfall developers are hosting a series of “inside looks” on their official blog. This week lead engineer, Jon “Slothy” Shiring, is talking about how the servers are being prepared for the games final release, along with what the upcoming technical test will do to help.

He will also be answering fan questions on twitter tomorrow at 2:30PM (Pacific we assume). If you want your question answered you have to use #TF2ServerQA in your posts. 

According to the blog post the upcoming game will once again utilize Microsoft cloud based computer called Azure. This was a big deal for the first title, and was something that the team said made it only possible  on Xbox. This time they will be blended Azure with other cloud based computing to assist in the bigger player base, considering it is now on multiple platforms and not just Xbox.

All AI based functions among other assets will still run off the cloud structure. Other cloud based servers the developers are using include “bare metal” servers in data centers. The developers do mention working with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft together.

Another addition is a U.K. company called Multiplay, which is working on maintaining the servers and creating a low latancy for gameplay.

The team promises that there are many datacenters being utilized for the game so that there are no issues for the users. This is also why the upcoming technical test is happening, they want to make sure the new structure is streamlined before launch.

Titanfall 2 releases later this year.