Titanfall 2 Didn’t Meet Sales Expectations, At All

EA acknowledged that Titanfall 2 didn’t sell as expected during an earnings call. Due to EA’s change in statistics we don’t know just how bad the game sold, but EA noted that they are looking for “long term reward.” This replicates a similar statement they made last year when the game released as they noted they are looking for “yearlong sales” and not immediate launch sales.

Yet the game still came out of the gate with massively disappointing sales figures, and as a fan this hurts so much. I personally think Titanfall 2 is the best FPS that released the entire year, and possibly even this entire generation. Even EA has noted this, yet they didn’t put their full foot behind the game. Playing online now, during peak hours, the stats only note a couple thousand players in the main playlist. Most of the additional game modes are dead, with many players noting they can never find games outside of Attrition.

One analysts recently brought up the release date for Titanfall 2 as being a killing point for the game. It was sandwiched behind EA’s own Battlefield 1 and Activision’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. EA continues to say this isn’t the issue, but it was. People are not going to buy 3 games in 2 weeks, they are going to choose. Then we also have EA that must choose to either push Battlefield or Titanfall. With EA constantly pushing Battlefield at earnings reports it becomes no wonder as to why Titanfall drew the short stick.

So the question remains, why did EA decide to basically send the game to its death with this release date? It’s absolutely insane and there has to be something more behind the scenes. Maybe EA was more interested in pushing Respawn, the developers of the game, towards their new Star Wars IP?

EA states they are behind the game and they expect to see it grow over the coming year due to the tremendous quality, but unless they have a card up their sleeve I’m not sure how that will happen.

“And we’ve got a development team who have unbelievable pedigree and a commitment to continue to support the community, and we expect to continue to grow that community through the coming fiscal year.” (Via Seeking alpha )

EA also noted they remain committed to the franchise, but the mobile title has already been canelled and Respawn noted they are unsure if a Titanfall 3 will happen.

It honestly just saddens me that what could be one of the greatest FPS titles, is being held back by poor executive decisions. First the franchise only opens on Xbox, then it releases sandwiched between two of the biggest games of the year. When will it simply be given a chance?The game isn’t doing well due to poor decision making, it isn’t because the game is bad.