Titanfall 2’s Next Multiplayer Update, Live Fire, is Uniquely Quick

Despite Titanfall 2’s low-earnings, Respawn’s sequel was one of the better games, you probably didn’t play last year.  However as Dustin’s article explains, the numbers don’t always tell the whole story.  Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped Respawn from developing exciting new additions to their Mech title.

A free update for Titanfall 2 is about to drop and it will include a new multiplayer mode called Live Fire.  Live Fire will be 6v6, 60 seconds long, and will include 0 respawns.  When you’re out, you’re out!  It’ll also incorporate 2 new maps for your fighting pleasure.  Check them out in full-force!

While I’m a big proponent for fun, long-lasting deathmatches, I do love the quick capture the flags too.  It’s the perfect way to quickly get a few rounds in, while you’re going about your day-to-day activities.  In a way, that’s one of the reasons why Overwatch was so enjoyable.  Addictingly fun, quick, 6v6 matches are all the rage and Respawn seems to be joining in on the fad.

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