Total War: Three Kingdoms Announced

It is 190CE and China is in turmoil. The Han Dynasty crumbles before the child-emperor, who is a mere puppet for the tyrant Dong Zhuo. The brutal and oppressive regime’s power grows as the empire slips further into anarchy. Yet hope blossoms in the form of three heroes, sworn to brotherhood in the face of calamity. Warlords of great families follow suit, forming a fragile coalition in a bid to challenge Dong Zhuo’s remorseless rule. The future of China will be shaped by their hands, but personal ambition threatens their already crumbling alliance.

Lets check out the cinematic trailer below:

If you think you do not know this game series you’re probably wrong. Koei released Romance of the Three kingdoms on PC in 1985 and released the 13th incarnation of the game on 2016. Even if, for some odd reason, you have never heard of or played any of those games I’m pretty sure you have heard of Dynasty Warriors.

I expect Creative to do great things with Three Kingdoms. If their other titles are any indication of what to expect,  you can look forward to an immersive war-gaming experience that should keep you occupied for quite a while.