True or False? Amazon Japan Reveals Final Fantasy XV Release Date

Today, there have been whispers of a Final Fantasy XV release date.  However, this news isn’t coming straight from the source, Square Enix.  Instead, it comes from Amazon Japan via In his report, he reveals that Amazon Japan has their pre-order listing for Final Fantasy XV with a release date for June 1, 2016.

Here is the original listing:

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Amazing news, right?! Well, not really. Don’t pop the champagne yet.  Upon checking it later, the listing now says this:


As you can see, now it says November 30, 2016.  That’s a little inconsistent.  Now, there are those who could make the argument that June 1, 2016 could still be the date and Amazon is just trying to cover it up.  Yeah maybe.  It’s not likely, though.  Consider this, most video games are released on Tuesdays.  June 1 is a Wednesday.  It’s pretty rare that a game would come out on a Wednesday.  

I also don’t believe this game will come out on November 30, either.  First of all, it’s another Wednesday.  Second, Amazon tends to place release dates for games without official release dates as December 30, until an official date comes out.  Seriously, go check out Kingdom Hearts III on Amazon, I’ll wait.  See?  The November date could be either a random date or their way of saying they don’t know when it will be released.

My point is, temper your expectations when it comes to this game’s release date.  I’m just as excited for it as everyone else.  However, this seems like a mistake on Amazon Japan’s part and they’re frantically trying to fix it.  I’m not saying Final Fantasy XV won’t come out Summer 2016, it still could.

However, until Square Enix gives us an official date (which could always be delayed), all other dates are just speculative.

When we do have a release date, we will have it here.  If that release date is either June 1 or November 30, the rest of the Cinelinx team will video me getting a pie directly to face.

What do you think of this rumor?