Turtle Beach & Oakley Announce Partnership With Two Sleek Specs

Turtle Beach Corp. has made yet another move in ensuring their players get the most out of their gaming experience by producing products for the two senses that matter the most in gaming, sight and sound.

Today, Turtle Beach announced that they have partnered with Oakley to create a new line of glasses utilizing Oakley’s Prizm™ Gaming Lens Technology that is said to deliver next-level performance benefits for digital gaming by reducing eyestrain and fatigue. They are set to pair nicely with Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs™ glasses-friendly technology that every TB headset sports.

“Turtle Beach and Oakley have been collaborating behind-the-scenes for several years to bring the best eyewear in gaming to market, leveraging Turtle Beach’s experience in gaming and esports to help develop a product that gives a competitive edge to gamers of all skill levels,” said Ryan Dell, SVP of Global Marketing at Turtle Beach. “With Oakley’s groundbreaking gaming eyewear and our high-performance gaming audio, we continue to strive for ways to advance glasses-friendly comfort and the overall gaming experience. We’re also exploring other areas where Turtle Beach and Oakley may be able to do more together to further improve gaming performance, including collaborating on materials technologies, product design, merch, apparel, and more.”

An announcement of a partnership wouldn’t be complete without a product to premiere. Thankfully, Turtle Beach and Oakley have two that players can purchase right now. The first are the Metalink RX frames.


The Metalink RX frames come in a black and grey colorway and feature Turtle Beach’s iconic logo on the temple. The Metalink RX frames feature headset-compatible temples to ensure they stay in place even in the most intense gaming sessions, and come with a custom Turtle Beach logo microbag. The Metalink RX frames are available now for $219 on the Oakley website.

The second product Turtle Beach and Oakley are rolling out today are the Limited Edition Frogskins Lite sunglasses.

The newest evolution of Oakley’s most iconic lifestyle eyewear, the Frogskins Lite sunglasses feature a throwback Turtle Beach color scheme, plus Oakley’s Prizm™ Ruby Iridium Lenses, and a rainbow gradient Oakley logo and Turtle Beach logo on the temple. The sunglasses also come with a custom Turtle Beach logo microbag. The Frogskins Lite sunglasses are priced at $166 on the Turtle Beach website.

“As Oakley moves further into gaming, partnering with Turtle Beach is a natural fit as both brands are leaders and innovators in two key areas of gaming performance – sight and sound,” said Caio Amato, Oakley Global Marketing Director. “We’ve now harnessed the momentum gained after releasing Prizm™ Gaming Lens Technology, our first optical solution developed specifically for gaming, to combine the performance-focused benefits you expect to find in a pair of Oakley frames with headset-compatible design. The resulting products bridge the gap between physical and digital gaming while setting up players for victory in their gaming pursuits.”

As someone who is visually-challenged, the announcement of this partnership is a really exciting one. All of my glasses-wearing gaming brethren will attest that gaming gets uncomfortable at times. Headphones push against glasses and eyes get burned out after 3+ hours of gaming.

As it stands now, Turtle Beach has done wonders with their ProSpecs tech. It’s made gaming a much more comfortable experience while delivering an all-encompassing audio experience. My eyes, however, haven’t been able to enjoy gaming experiences nearly as much lately. I had to get blue light filtering lenses just to alleviate the fatigue, but if Oakley‘s Prizm tech is everything they promise, they could make the fatigue even more easier to manage. Also, full transparency, I think the Metalink RX frames look sweet and I usually hate how all glasses frames look.

With the announcement of this partnership, we could see even more innovation made for glasses-wearers such as ourselves that could make these issues things of the past.

Stay tuned for more…

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