Twilight Princess HD Will Help You Wait for Zelda Wii U

It’s a good time to be a Legend of Zelda fan.  Between getting remakes of the classic N64 titles on the 3DS, and a new game coming sometime next year, we’re also getting another HD remaster (like we did with Windwaker).  Announced during their Nintendo Direct yesterday, Nintendo is bringing Twilight Princess to the Wii U with some HD updates on March 4, 2016

WiiU TLoZTwighlightPrincessHD bundle 

Originally released for Wii and Nintendo GameCube systems in 2006, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is a visually remastered remake of one of the most critically acclaimed games in The Legend of Zelda series. The new game launches on March 4 in a bundle with a detailed new amiibo figure modeled after the Wolf Link and Midna characters in the game. The game will also be compatible with five other The Legend of Zelda amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. series. The game’s iconic soundtrack will be offered as a bonus for fans who pre-order the game from select retailers.

The game is coming with a special new amiibo for fans to use during the game, which will also have some sort of functionality with the new Wii U Zelda, which they confirmed IS coming in 2016 at some point.  So while you’re waiting for the new Zelda, you can enjoy the previous one.  Frankly speaking, I’m not terribly excited about it.  I never cared for Twilight Princess, and would rather see some other Nintendo titles get the HD treatment.  Alas, we’ll have to make do. 

Are you guys excited to get an HD Twilight Princess