Two Point Hospital In-Game Item for Hospital Pass Sign-Ups Revealed!

We’ve been pretty quiet on the PR front at SEGA with Two Point Hospital recently. We wanted to wait until we had something really interesting to say, something that really captured the essence of Two Point Hospital. Something that really delivered. And by Jove we’ve done it as today we revealed to the world via a dev session at Rezzed in London, England, the mystery in-game item that everyone who signs up for the Hospital Pass at, will be.  

SEGA and Two Point Studios are proud to present…


All you need to do to receive this solid gold crap-station, is log onto and sign up follow the instructions to sign up for Hospital Pass. You will of course also need to buy the game at launch! Have we gone round the u-bend? Do you think we’re flushing the cash a bit too freely? Are we yanking your chain? All these valid questions and more can be put to us on social media via Twitter and Facebook.