Ubisoft Announces “Starter Edition” Of Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft revealed a “starter edition” of Rainbow Six Siege, which will hit PC for $15. No word on if this edition will hit consoles any time soon.

The edition will technically include all the content of the regular game with one catch. When you buy the game two operators, Rook, Sledge, Ash, Fuze, Mute, or Smoke, will be unlocked. The rest of the game will be locked away under R6 credits which can be purchased or earned via in-game accomplishments.

The Starter Edition comes with 600 R6 Credits which can be used to unlock two new operators for 300 R6 credits each, or be used for other in-game items. Additional operators will then cost 12,500 R6 credits each. (Standard players only need to spend 500-2000 R6 credits to unlock new operators, excluding DLC characters)

According to the graph released by Ubisoft it will take about 15 hours to unlock new operators in this edition. Other information can be found on the official Ubisoft Blog.

It seems like a cool way to get introduced to the game, but spending the extra cash for faster unlocks might be the way to go.