Ubisoft Brings Far Cry 5 to Vietnam in the First DLC Teaser

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Over the last couple of months, we’ve had the privilege of enjoying splendors of Hope County, in Far Cry 5, but that’s all going to change next month when Ubisoft releases the first Far Cry 5 DLC, Hours of DarknessFar Cry 5: Hours of Darkness will follow one of Hope County’s own Wendell “Red” Redler, as he must survive the dangerous jungles of Vietnam and save his comrades, while making life difficult for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.  To get an idea of what this latest DLC from Ubisoft will be like, take a look at the ominous teaser…

In addition to experiencing this brand-new, seemingly impactful story, Far Cry 5 owners that own the Season Pass ($29.99) or purchase this DLC ($11.99) will also get two new game modes, upon completion of the story.  The first is Hours of Darkness: Survival, a mode that will challenge even the most seasoned FPS gamer, as you’ll be dropped in this campaign; forced to survive on limited resources.  Then there is the Action Movie Mode, where gamers get to feel like Rambo with a generous loadout that’s sure to make for an explosive experience!  Plus, new Hours of Darkness-inspired gear and abilities will be available with the DLC, along with new assets for Far Cry Arcade from the jungle of Vietnam. 

If that’s not enough, Ubisoft is also releasing the soundtrack for Hours of Darkness on several select music providers.  Click here to choose your preferred source.  The soundtrack was composed by Wade MacNeil and Andrew Gordon Macpherson, with help from renowned multi-instrumentalist Kim Uyen Le.  After listening to the soundtrack while writing this article, I can tell you first-hand that it definitely gets you in the mindset of being in the Vietnam War.  The rhythmic tones are beautiful, yet mysterious and enacts a feeling of danger and hopelessness.  It’s a soundtrack you will enjoy and revere at the same time.  MacNeil, Macpherson, and Kim Uyen Le should all take a bow for this one.

Hours of Darkness is the first of many DLCs  Ubisoft has in the pipeline for Far Cry 5.  In fact, after glancing at the roadmap, it looks like Ubisoft is trying to make these next few months, “The Summer of Far Cry“, with a new DLC releasing each month, until August!  Take a look…

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It’s as good a time as any to purchase the Season Pass for Far Cry 5, or the Gold Edition ($89.99) if you don’t already own the game, because after Hours of Darkness releases on June 5, July will see the release of Lost on Mars, which is sure to be nuts.  Followed by the release of Dead Living Zombies in August!  With all that content, it’s looking like it’ll definitely be “The Summer of Far Cry“, and that’s definitely worth lighting a few fireworks over!