Ubisoft Updates Tom Clancy’s The Division With Conflict DLC

Ubisoft‘s Tom Clancy’s The Division has, arguably, been a success for the French studio.  Before the game released, it broke records set by rival Destiny and afterward continued that momentum with entertaining gameplay experiences.  

Despite its relative success, though, the game has gotten repetitive and uninteresting.  Realizing that this would be an eventuality, Ubisoft has done something that Activision took too long to do with Destiny, release new content.  

Today, we see what the new Year One update Conflict has to offer fans.  From new classes to new hijacking features to a brand new Incursion called Clear Sky, Ubisoft is hoping that this new content will rejuvinate gamers who’ve lost interest with the post-outbreak game.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.2 Conflict will be free to download, next week, on May 24!

Tell us your experience with The Division so far!