Unearth the Warmind in the Cinematic Prologue for the Destiny 2 Expansion

A new expansion for Destiny 2 is releasing on May 8 and it surrounds the most powerful weapon in the solar system, the dreaded RasputinBungie is now ready to show off everything that the Warmind DLC will bring with an epic Cinematic Prologue and walkthrough with the developers.  Check them out!

This cinematic trailer introduces the world to Ana Bray, a Hunter who is trying to discover her past and how it’s connected to Rasputin.  As the trailer suggests, the Hive are embedded under the surface of Mars, where Rasputin has been entombed, but now there is a new threat coming to seize the power of the Warmind.  No doubt, our Guardians will help Bray take out this threat with the upcoming DLC.

In addition to this new story, Bungie also showed new destinations and game modes coming to Destiny 2 in the Walkthrough!

Destiny 2 Expansion II – Warmind debuts May 8, 2018!