Unreal Engine 4 Is Free For All Developers and Education

It wasn’t too long ago that Epic Games announced a few changes to Unreal Engine. First it was free to small groups, and then it had a subscription to make it more open to everyone. Well today it is free for everyone. Education, small developers, large developers, it’s free!

The only catch is that Epic Games takes a 5 percent take in all profits a game makes beyond $3000. That really isn’t a bad deal at all. Basically that is saying you can make up to 3 thousand with no worries, and if you are making more than that then 5 percent is nothing. As Epic Games stated “We succeed when you succeed.” Which is fantastic!

The free package includes absolutely everything and isn’t some free based software. It includes the C++ from the engine, and all assets you need to mess with. There are no restrictions to it according to their statement.

I think this is great for both parties. The engine wars have become a little heated with a new generation of consoles and Havok gaining a lot of ground. So this opens up Unreal Engine 4 and hopefully gets it behind more games again. Meanwhile small developers get a chance to utilize a professional engine without needing massive upfront cash to do it.

You can download the assets on their website.