Visit the Stunning New Region in the Debut Trailer for Pokemon Sword & Shield

Goodbye Kanto!  Goodbye Johto!  Goodbye Alola!  Hello Galar!

This morning’s Pokemon-centered Nintendo Direct featured a brand new Pokemon title coming to Nintendo Switch, later this year.  In traditional Pokemon fashion, the title is split up into two games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, a clear departure from the natural themes of previous versions.  This new game will take us to the vast landscape of the Galar Region, which features everything from the rolling hills of a tuscan countryside to the bright lights of an open soccer-like Pokemon stadium.  It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s everything you want from a new region.

Welcome to the Galar Region!  This is Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield will also feature three new starter Pokemon, to go along with the yet-announced new roster of Pokemon indiginous to the Galar region.  Our traditional grass-type pokemon is the mischevious monkey, Grookey, the fire-type is Scorbunny, a rambunctious rabbit bursting with energy, and our water-type is the water-lizard Pokemon Sobble, a timid Pokemon that prefers hiding in the water when it attacks.  It’ll be fascinating to see what they’re final evolutions will be.  

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Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield will release on Nintendo Switch later in 2019!

What do you think of the titles and logos?

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