Vita Fans Not Thrilled After Sony’s GamesCom Conference

Sony has been asked numrous times about the Vita and at one point seemed to nod towards GamesCom to save it. Heck after the Vita was revealed a few years ago, Sony hardly mentioned it at all at E3. Yet they followed up and saved their tails by focusing on it during that years GamesCom. Fans expected something similar to happen this year, as once again the Vita was ignored at E3 almost entirely. Truth be told, you wouldn’t even know the Vita existed based on this conference. 

While watching the entire conference, Sony mentioned Vita once. Vita was mentioned one more time by an indie studio and that would be the only studio to say their game is coming to Vita AND PS4. Not a single other game mentioned it. Sony then finally mentioned it themselves, but instead of talking about the Vita they were taking away from the Vita. One of the best titles on Vita, Tearaway, is now heading to PlayStation 4. So not only are third parties jumping ship and making console “HD” ports of Vita titles, Sony themselves are now too. 

After the conference finished I checked out comments on several websites. I am not the only one that noticed this. The PlayStation Blog was flooded with “What happened to Vita?” comments. Other game sites have massive amounts of Vita comments, and I’ve even noticed #RIPVita is starting to trend at places. People are not too thrilled about this at all. 

The problem is Sony did have a few things to talk about, they simply didn’t. Disgaea 4 releases in new regions this month and is expected to be hot for Vita. Japan has a long list of titles that never see the light of day anywhere else. Oh and there seems to be one massive game Sony could easily use to market Vita in every way….. It’s a game called MINECRAFT! Yet we see no cross promotion or bundles coming to help use Minecraft to promote Vita…. why?

The bigger question is, with PSTV coming out why wouldn’t there be a focus on Vita titles? If you don’t want to call them Vita titles, then what about PSTV titles? They use the same technology to run games, so a game announced for one means a game announced for the other. Yet no games were announced for either. That isn’t a good way to sell a new product. Heck, with Vita sinking the ship this would be added to a list of “PlayStation Inspired” products Sony had let fail. Do we need to bring up the Xperia Play and it’s ONE game “support”? 

If you read Cinelinx you will know I’m an avid support of Vita. My conclusion is that Vita is simply not being given a chance, and by Sony completely ignoring it not only at E3, but at GamesCom as well….. well you see the picture. Vita owners are not too thrilled at all about the outcome.