Watch 30 Glorious Minutes of Jurassic World Evolution In Action

Everything about Jurassic World Evolution seems specifically designed to pique my interest. Dinosaurs, check. Park building/management, check. The lore of Jurassic Park, check. Jeff Goldblum, check. It’s all there and more. While I’ve been interested in the game since its initial announcement, today’s first (and lengthy) look at the gameplay has my hype in overdrive. Frankly, I’m disgusted at how much I feel the need to get my hands on this game: 

There’s SO MUCH to unpack here, and even in this 30 minutes we’re only seeing the tip of what we’ll be doing in the game. I love the ability to go from the overlord building sim (placing buildings, etc) while giving you the option to be more hands on in the smaller tasks. Couple this with the wealth of research you can do, changing weather conditions, and the tension with keeping your dinos under control (taking over vehicles, directly feeding/caring for dinosaurs, and exploring the park from the ground level), and there’s a ridiculous amount of content for gamers to enjoy. 

While the switching between keyboard and controller seems smooth, I’m still not entirely sure how this deep of a game is going to play out on a console. Regardless, I’m super eager to try and can’t wait to build my park. What do you think of the gameplay so far?

Jurassic World Evolution will officially hit PS4, Xbox One, and PCs on June 12, 2018