Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed For E3

E3 is later this month and some confirmations about what exactly will be there are starting to flow in.

The recent confirmation is Watch Dogs 2 and it will be shown alongside Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor at Ubisoft’s press conference.

Ubisoft continued to say they will reveal “some surprises” which could be new IP’s, or a return of some rumored games in development.

You can check out all the reveals Monday June 13 at 1PM, which is when Ubisoft hosts their conference. Some of these games will most likely have some type of “exclusive content” for Microsoft or Sony so we can expect further details at those conferences.

According to earlier reports, Ubisoft internally noted that Watch Dogs 2 would release before April 2017, which is the same timing as the first title with an early year release. While the first title had some criticism, it still sold over 9 million units and the creative director has been excited for a follow up.

Personally I am excited for this because I rather enjoyed the first game.