Watch dogs and Assassins Creed Black Flag absolutely free right now!

2017 has been something special huh? A Bladerunner sequel came out 35 years after the original release, and it was ludicrous, Skyrim has seen its umpteenth rerelease, and Disney has produced a Star Wars feature so controversial that some fans are petitioning to have it removed from the canon!

It’s been a heavy one folks, a long haul. So really there’s no better time than right now to warm up to the fireplace, the overheating laptop or the loud buzzing electric heater (I really should be concerned by now) and lose yourself in some free games. Well, the folks over at Ubisoft have offered three fantastic titles from their library over the past few years over at Uplay absolutely free!

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Currently on offer is the controversial title that got the world hyped for the current console generation Watch Dogs, a game I’d consider to be the best in its series, Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, and to round it up for the more tactically minded of you, the 2007 strategy World in Conflict (it’s great but bear in mind it’s no Command and Conquer).

It is worth noting that in order to access the free games you will need to download Ubisoft’s own DRM software, Uplay, though even I (normally being a steam purist) personally find it hard to turn down a free copy of Assassins Creed 4. I mean particularly if you haven’t tried it yet, isn’t it high time you started discovering those sea shanties? 

Follow the link for Ubisoft’s holiday freebies.