Watch Dogs Storms PS4 Announcement

Watch Dogs looks like the game of the next generation to beat as it wowed the crowds at Sony’s PS4 announcement. 

Building on the excitement stirred at E3 last year, Watch Dogs had it all to prove. But it delivered.

The premise of Watch Dogs is the ability to take control of a ‘smart’ city overrun with surveillance. The demo begins with our player witnessing a robbery amid a thriving metropolis. In a flash, he sets off on foot, hot on the heels of the assailant, before tackling him to the floor in a rather heavy-handed manner. Suddenly he’s a wanted man, and police are everywhere; a squad car fails to prevent itself from hurtling into a set of bollards which line the opposite pavement, crashing in cinematic slow motion.

Resonant of the Bourne Identity or other such films in the series, our player then mounts a fire escape, leading to a roof whereupon he throws himself on top of a moving train. A security camera tracks his progress before he hacks the system, disrupting the signal. The demo ends and ‘Connection is Power’ features below the game title.

Watch Dogs, at this stage, looks spectacular. Hands down, best of show.