Watch the Impressive Star Wars Squadrons CG Short

Building up to the release of Star Wars Squadrons, Lucasfilm and the developers have released an original short film that brings the goods!

If you’re in need of some Star Wars goodness, then this all new, CG short-film should definitely start your week off right!

Made in collaboration with Motive Studios, Lucasfilm, and Industrial Light & Magic, “Hunted” is set before the events of Star Wars: Squadrons, introducing one of the ace pilots who players will fight alongside in the single-player story.

In this standalone story, Imperial forces are in retreat after a surprise attack by the New Republic at the Imperial dockyard orbiting Var-Shaa. However, for Titan Squadron Leader Varko Grey, the battle is far from over. He finds himself as the last TIE pilot on the battlefield, hunted by a determined New Republic X-wing.

This is an insanely good short, and I sincerely hope we get more of these to introduce some of the other pilots we’ll see in the game. Hell, just give me more of these in general!

Star Wars Squadrons hits Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PCs on October 2nd.