Watch the Nintendo Switch Presentation Live

It’s finally here!  After an agonizing wait since the console’s initial unveiling back in October, tonight brings about the “Switch Presentation” with all (hopefully) the info we’ve been waiting for.  Get your passes ready for the hype train.  While rumors and “leaks” have abounded this past week leading up to the event, the truth will be revealed tonight during the presentation.  The event will be going down later tonight, 8 p.m. PT / 11 p.m. ET, and we’ll be staying up late to watch it.  If you want to watch it with us, you can view it right here in this post.  

As I said, many of our team members will be staying up to watch the presentation along with gamers around the world, so if you want to chat it up with us, we’ve embedded our live-tweet widget so you can follow along with our reactions to the reveals and join in the conversation.  

As always, we’ll be posting full reports and news up on the site as they become available, so fear not if you miss parts of the Switch presentation.