Wattam is Finally Releasing this December

Nearly four years after it’s initial reveal, the next game from the Katamari Damaci developer, Wattam, will finally hit PlayStation 4 this year.

During Sony’s State of Play, a new trailer for Wattam, the quirky new game from the mind behind the Katamari franchise, Keita Takahashi, was revealed. In it we see some strange goings on, a bunch of stuff I’m not sure how to describe, but a lot of fun as well:

See what I mean? It’s hard to describe exactly what’s going on, but I know it looks fun as hell to play. Better yet, the trailer revealed the game will finally launch this December. The title was announced back in 2015, and fans of the developer’s work have had a long wait. Now, thankfully, it’s nearly over.

Will you be picking up Wattam this December?