WB Announces IO Interactive Partnership, HITMAN 2 Coming This Year!

Today, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have announced that Hitman 2 will be releasing on November 13th of 2018. Hitman 2 will be a direct sequel to last year’s ultra success “Hitman“. We were all worried and excited for IO Interactive last year when they announced that they had become an independent studio.  

While severing their ties from Square Enix seemed a bit scary at first, this would give them more creative control over where they want to take the Hitman series. Now that Warner Brothers has announced the official partnership with IO Interactive, I am more excited than ever to see what Agent 47 has in store for us all. It has also been announced that the Sniper Assassin mode will be returning to Hitman 2, but for the first time will bring a co-op experience allowing players to take down their targets side by side. Sniper Assassin is available now as an early access bonus for consumers who pre-order Hitman 2.   

There is a pretty big possibility that we will have our hands on with this title while at E3 2018. Please make sure to follow us on Twitter to see some of the latest opinions, pictures, videos, and more while we are at the event!  



Continuing the ultimate spy thriller story, HITMAN 2 allows players to take on the role of the masterful Agent 47 and embark on a mission to hunt the elusive Shadow Client and unravel his militia once and for all. However, when 47 learns the hidden truth about his past, nothing will ever be the same.