WB’s Gotham Knights Game Delayed to 2022

Eager fans looking dive back into the world of DC gaming will have to wait a bit longer as the developers have announced Gotham Knights won’t arrive this year.

WB Montreal’s upcoming Batman-theme game, Gotham Knights, was revealed last year during the DC FanDome. Despite moving away from the beloved Arkham series, it had fans eager for more, especially as it was slated to arrive this year (2021), making the wait for Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad (2022) a little easier.

Sadly, today brings news that we won’t be pulling on our tights to play as Batgirl, Robin, Redhood, or Nightwing this year. The developers revealed on their Twitter account this morning that the game has been pushed into 2022.

Obviously it’s a bummer, but as it always the case, delays typically result in a better overall experience for players. Still, after six years now since a big story-driven DC game (Arkham Knight) was released, I was really hoping to get my hands on this one later in the year. Alas, this will give me time to dive into that backlog.

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