We Can’t Wait For The Outer Worlds | Our E3 2019 Impressions

The Outer Worlds is something fans have wanted for some time, Obsidian has had an interest in making a Fallout style game since the release of New Vegas and fans knew something was on the horizon for the company.

Since they could not strike a deal with Bethesda, the company decided to venture out and do it on their own. With a splash of Fallout, a dash of Mass Effect, and a pinch of Bioshock, The Outer World is looking to be one of the most interesting games to release in 2020.

With us awarding this title our #BestofE3Nominee Award, that should show you how excited we are to get our hands on this title. We had an amazing time checking out the game and want to say thank you to Obsidian for giving us the opportunity to see this amazing gameplay. Please check back here soon for more impressions from E3 2019!