What To Expect At Tomorrow’s PlayStation Meeting

This is an early look at what to expect during the conference, but be sure to visit Cinelinx tomorrow all day as we bring you coverage of all the announcements coming from the show.

PlayStation is currently a world leader in software entertainment with over 40 million units sold. The show marks the beginning of several big Fall adventures. Sony is releasing an highly anticipated PlayStation VR in October, and recent leaks show that some new PlayStation 4 hardware will be hitting shelves soon. However, with all this excitement going on Sony still has been quiet about what the upcoming show will reveal. Sony has confirmed nothing and what we expect is entirely speculation.

ps4 console

What can we expect?

Sony only hosts these meetings when they have some new PlayStation hardware to show off. The PS4 and Vita had similar events to talk about the upcoming adventures, and we expect this one to be no different.

We can for sure expect to see new PS4 hardware. An obvious confirmation is the recent leaks of the PlayStation Slim hitting some consumer’s hands. The new model will be on display along with Sony talking about any internal features we may have missed up to this point. Personally I’m interested to see if the design change has ruined any chance of customizable plates. We could also see firmware updates that allow the Slim to have additional features.

Will Neo Show Up?

The obvious hype for the event is the idea that PlayStation Neo will show up in some regard. The leaked unit is supposed to be a beefed up PS4 that can output 4K resolution, and perhaps run VR better than current models. Several reports suggest the unit will run alongside current units, and the Slim, with a premium price tag on it.

The concept was officially confirmed by Sony shortly before E3, but the hardware failed to make an appearance. Instead Sony allowed Microsoft to walk along the tightrope of new hardware with Scorpio, and became tight lipped about Neo. We expect that to end at the conference and finally learn what the purpose is behind Neo.

Rumors also suggest that Neo won’t push away current models of PS4, being it is just an “upgraded PS4,” but still a PS4. The introduction of the Slim seems to cement that claim. However there needs to be a reason to spend the extra cash, which is why I’m still less than thrilled.


Price Drop Perhaps?

Another potential route Sony will take is to finally adjust the price of the PS4. The units have still been selling, but Microsoft gained an edge as of late topping the charts in previous months with a cheaper Xbox One S. If the PS4 is seeing a slim we expect to see a price drop come with it. Sony will most likely price the new units in a way to compete with Xbox One S, giving it a $299 price tag and a potential $249 holiday sale price. (Xbox One is currently priced at $299 for a 500GB console, but can be found for $249)

This would open up the ability to price Neo more effectively as it could be priced anywhere from $399 and up without directly interfering with the standard units. It also allows a jumping in point for future PlayStation VR buyers. The VR unit will cost $399 stand alone, and $499 for a starter bundle. Dropping the price of a PS4 will allow entirely new users to more effectively buy both.

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Speaking of PlayStation VR…

If Sony doesn’t spend the entire event talking about how the industry needs PS4 Neo, then they will spend some time talking about PlayStation VR. If anything the two units will be utilized to showcase high end experiences, and perhaps help explain why the new unit is “needed” by hardcore gamers.

I don’t think we can expect any new game announcements, but perhaps more compatibility with current AAA titles. We could see Tomb Raider, Uncharted, or another major title have some big VR experience. This is Sony’s last chance to really “wow” us before the units start hitting shelves in October. Sony skipped GamesCom and they have been quiet, so the big push for PS VR needs to start now. Expect something big regarding VR to take place.

Again, the event will be held September 7 at 12 p.m. PT/ 3 p.m. ET Come back right here on Cinelinx for live coverage of the show!