Who Will You Fight With in the Injustice 2 Preview Trailer

By now, you should have seen most of our coverage of Injustice 2.  We’ve witnessed the fall of Earth’s greatest hope, the rise of justice, a society of villainy being formed, and what could be the end of mankind’s very existence.  Today, Warner Bros. Interactive, DC Entertainment, and NetherRealm Studios give gamers a look at everything that’s in store for us when Injustice 2 releases next week.

From watching the story trailers to the real-time updated enemies, everything about the Injustice sequel has felt bigger.  Today’s Everything You Need To Know trailer has made it feel enormous!  If Gods Among Us was a trend-setter for the fighting game genre, the developers just keep pushing the envelope with Injustice 2!

Injustice 2 releases May 16, 2017!