Whoops! Looks Like a New Version of the Nintendo Switch Has Been Revealed

Thanks to a product listing update on a gaming accessory site, it looks like a new version of the Nintendo Switch, a “mini” has been accidentally revealed.

Talk about a big OOPS! HonSon, a video game accessory company that’s been around since 2000 (initially making cases/other devices for PS3 and Xbox 360) seems to have inadvertantly spilled the beans about Nintendo’s plans for a new version of the Nintendo Switch. They recently updated their website with some upcoming product listings, and wouldn’t you know, they have a WHOLE SECTION for the Nintendo Switch Mini.

I’m including the link so you can see for yourself (though everything is currently showing as out of stock), but there’s no telling how long the link will be active. Fortunately, I’ve got some pics for you just in case the link is down:

It’s mostly just carrying cases and protective covers, but of course the big news here is the reveal of Nintendo’s new iteration of the popular console. Look closely and you can immediately see the changes. The controllers no long detach and are built directly into the system (which should help reduce the price) and the overall product feels a bit more compact.

It’s hard to tell, however, if the screen size is the same or smaller as well but this looks to be the long-rumored “portable only” option for the Switch. Frankly, I love it. Considering my own Switch is only used as a portable console, this is definitely something I would love to get my hands on. Not to mention the (inevitable) lower price point will make this far more appealing for people with kids.

What do you guys think about the Nintendo Switch Mini? Don’t forget to pour one out for HonSon as they’re bound to get some flak from Nintendo for this slip.