Wii and DS Puzzle Game, City Builder, Arrives on Mobile

Pipe Puzzle games are always a lot of fun to play on mobile devices, as they’re challenging, fun, and ideal for quick pick-up-and-play moments. If you’ve been looking out for another of these games to occupy your time on the go, you’ll want to give City Builder a glance. 

The game originally launched on the Wii in 2010, with a DS port to follow, and changed up the puzzle formula by adding in all the elements of building a city (power, water, roads) into the mix. The result is more strategy than you might expect with plenty of challenges to keep you going:

City Builder 2

Boombox, a multi-genre game development and localization company, announced today that City Builder has officially bridged to mobile platforms via the App Store and Google Play. The all-ages title is a wild and fun animated puzzle game that challenges players to build fully-functioning cities, as well as defend them from a cast of colorful antagonists. 

Originally launched for the Nintendo Wii and DS, City Builder incorporates puzzle solving, speed and unpredictable elements to challenge players with each new level. 

City Builder offers a fresh take on classic pipe puzzle games by expanding the gameplay to three overlapping levels: road, underground (sewer) and sky (power lines). Connect resource pieces together to claim land while racing against the clock and overcoming bizarre and hilarious obstacles. Players can choose to build City sections of Houses, Shops or Factories, all with their own comical and unique look. 

City Builder is available now on the App Store and Google Play