World of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion & Burning Crusade Classic Coming Soon

World of Warcraft is entering its 16th year and the franchise is showing no signs of slowing down.

During BlizzConline today, the show opened with news that the next expansion titled Chains of Domination will be set in the Shadowlands. The expansion will launch later this year.

World of Warcraft Classic launched to much fanfare in 2019 and developers announced the next step through the series with Burning Crusade Classic. It will be launching later this year. Players can sign up for a chance to play the beta for Burning Crusade Classic now through the official Blizzard website.

Developers also announced the return of the Charity Pet Program in partnership with Doctors Without Borders. Players will have the chance to unlock two legacy pets: Bananas and Daisy the Sloth.

The next two days are full of content related to World of Warcraft. You can find the full schedule here: