World War Z Launch Trailer Released, Crazy Zombie Killing Gameplay Follows

Today, Focus Home and Saber Interactive released the launch trailer for the upcoming zombie action title, World War Z; showcasing the full power of the dynamic Swarm Engine. We see the zombies chase and attack as one huge hoard and also get a look at the Player vs Player vs Zombie mode!

This mode will add a dynamic mode to the game that I believe is a great selling point for this title. Just think, you’re in New York chasing an enemy player, edging ever closer to your target when suddenly in front of you a hoard of zombies sprint around the corner and you now are the target! Wow, just thinking about it get me excited for this game.


I can’t wait to play this game and hope to bring you some gameplay and a review very soon! Please check back here soon for more on this game and all things geek! World War Z will launch April 16th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC