Worlds Collide in the Jump Force Story Trailer; New Beta Dates Announced

Every good fighting game needs an interesting story to keep players invested when they aren’t duking it out online in PvP.  Bandai Namco released the first Story Trailer, at the Taipei Games Show, for their ambitious anime fighting game, Jump Force, that begs the question, “Who, How, or What caused the worlds to merge?”.  Check out the trailer, and let us know your theories…

Without warning, our world and the JUMP Worlds have begun merging together. As Venoms grow in numbers and spread terror throughout the lands, it’s up to you to work with the JUMP FORCE to protect what we hold dear. It’s time for YOU to take a stand against evil!

Playing with a custom-created character you put together is a great way to experience the story, but the things that really got me about the Jump Force story trailer were the sensational graphics and the visceral POV angle in the beginning.  The story, itself, feels similar to most fighting games that pit different IPs against one and other.  Worlds are suddenly colliding, villains are trying to seize powers, characters from different IPs team up to take them down.  Obviously, there may be more to the story than what’s in the trailer.  However, as it currently stands, the Jump Force plot seems a bit formulaic, and yet that’s not a bad thing.  In fact, it feels right.  It’s a worlds collide game with our favorite anime characters set in our world.  It’s everything our 9 year-old-selves wanted growing up!  

Us anime-loving, fighting game playing gamers can get our hands on Jump Force for 3 days this week, starting with this upcoming Monday, January 28 from 11pm to 4pm PST.  It’ll kick back up again on Tuesday, January 29 from 8pm to 1am PST.  Then, it’ll skip a few days and return for one more go on Saturday, February 2 from 7am to 12pm PST.

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Jump Force releases February 15, 2019 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.