X-wing And TIE Fighter Come to Limited Run Games This Week

Limited Run Games is bringing the iconic Star Wars flight sim games, X-wing and TIE fighter, brand new physical editions for fans and collector’s to drool over.

Before Star Wars Squadrons, fans/gamers got their galaxy far, far away flight sim fix from the old PC titles, X-wing and TIE Fighter. While they’ve been available to still play thanks to services like GOG and Steam, Limited Run Games is giving fans something truly special to pick up, with all new Special and Collector’s Editions of the titles.

So not only will this give you a playable version of the game(s), but you’ll also have a fancy physical copy you can put on your shelf/add to you collection.

Star Wars: X-wing Special Edition

Star Wars: X-wing Collector’s Edition

Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition

Star Wars: TIE Fighter Collector’s Edition

Or you can buy them all in one handy bundle if you’re really looking to add to your collection! If you haven’t gotten any LRG stuff before, I’m happy to tell you they bring the goods in terms of both playability and the display factor for collectors.

If you enjoyed these games, or just want to add to your collection, be sure to get ready this Friday (August 21st) for the first drop at 10am ET or the second at 6pm ET.