Xbox Live A Big Part Of New Windows 10 Update

First was a new “Beam” feature that enhances the ability to stream and share gameplay. The feature allows you to watch “near real time” streams and easily broadcast yourself to a few friends, or thousands of viewers, while implementing other features to make it even better. Beam will be implemented directly into the OS for Windows and Xbox.

Another feature is “Arena on Xbox Live” which is the ability to create live tournements for friends. You can set the rules, guidelines, and track the progress all from the new feature and anyone can set one up. This will further enhance the ability to create eSports across both platforms.

Xbox One is also getting an audio update with bitstream pass through, which will allow better performance including the ability to stream Dolby Atmos audio via the blu-ray player.

You can read the official details below:

Beam Integration on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC – By bringing Beam to Xbox, we’re creating more interactive gaming experiences for both the player and the viewer on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, allowing you to watch live game streams and give you the ability to interact in near real-time with broadcasters. Best of all, Beam technology is built right into Windows 10 and Xbox One, so anyone can become a game broadcaster. By bringing up Game Bar and clicking the Beam button, you can easily share your gameplay with a couple of friends or a massive audience. Either way, the power to do so is right in the OS. It’s that simple to start a broadcast.

Gamer-created tournaments with Arena on Xbox Live – Arena on Xbox Live makes eSports more accessible for gamers everywhere, regardless of their skill-level. Today, we announced gamer-generated tournaments for Arena on Xbox Live, allowing you to easily define the rules of competition by setting your tournament style, inviting friends and tracking tournament progress seamlessly across your devices, whether it’s on Xbox Live or Windows 10 PC. With gamer-created Arena tournaments, creating and managing your own tournaments on Xbox Live has never been easier.

Bitstream Audio Pass-through for Xbox One – Audio enthusiasts will be excited to learn that bitstream audio pass-through including Dolby Atmos support is coming soon to Xbox One with our Blu-ray player.

There are a ton of other features coming to Windows with the new update as well which include further enhanced tablet features, creation tools, and features for all users. You can read about all the features on Microsoft’s official blog.