Xbox One Consoles Become Dev Kits In New Windows Update

When Xbox One first launched it was stated that all units would work as development units for small creators. Then the idea kind of fizzled with Microsoft reminding us here and there that it was still coming. Good news, it really is! And soon!

In the next Windows 10 Update titled Anniversary all Xbox One units will become dev units. The update releases for both PC and Xbox One this summer, with no official date. Windows testers will obviously be getting it even sooner. Starting last year Xbox One became a “Windows 10 Device” because the OS is what is running the system.

However beyond the release details there was no further information on how exactly this will work. The good news is that the Microsoft Event, Build, is still going on all week and Phil Spencer is expected to hold a conference later this week.

As for PC’s, the new update adds further support for stylus pens, support for biometric sign in, and support for the upcoming Hololens.

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