Xbox Scorpio Will Only Have VR Exclusive Titles

In an interview with Engadget, Microsoft revealed that they “won’t publish exclusive titles for Scorpio.” The unit will have the same content and access to the same content as the current Xbox One and Xbox One S.

The only exception is, of course, VR. Scorpio will get exclusive VR titles and support which current Xbox One units are not capable of. Any Xbox gamers that want to play in VR will need to upgrade to the Scorpio.

Microsoft was rather confusing with their initial statement when revealing Scorpio at E3. Before E3 they promised that such a unit doesn’t exist, but at the tail end of their conference Scorpio was revealed. It was a quick reveal with very little details, but following press statements made many people assume it would have exclusive titles.

Microsoft instead promises that was never the intention and that all games and periphals you buy for Xbox One S will work with Scorpio. We assume that includes standard units as well, but they are in the mix of pushing S.

Microsoft also noted that the industry, for them, is starting to lean more on Windows and a PC formula. They want a “family of devices” where content can constantly be carried between all the units. Which makes sense with their recent push of Windows 10 and the Windows store. However they are going to watch Scorpio closely and its success will determine the method they take for the future. If it works well, we could be seeing the end of console generations from Microsoft.

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