Yes, Beyond Good and Evil 2 Is Still In the Works

As was the case yesterday, when it came to The Elder Scrolls 6, the inbetween E3 conference interviews have shed more light on a much anticipated game title.  Fans have already waited a long time for Beyond Good & Evil 2, and the silence between updates has grown frustrating.  

The original game launched in 2003, with the sequel being formally announced with a trailer in 2008, by the game’s creator, Michel Ancel.  Since then it’s been a roller coaster of “it’s in-production,” to being on hold, to coming back to life.  The last real update we had was back in 2014, when Ancel revealed his new open-world game Wild, and people were worried about what it meant.  Back then, Ubisoft assured gamers BG&E 2 was in active production and in the works.  

Despite that, yesterday’s complete absence of both Wild and Beyond Good & Evil had fans scratching their heads and wondering.  While doing an interview with Geoff Keighley on YouTube, Yves Guillemot tried to allay fans’ fears about the status of the game: 

“It’s still on the way.  It’s something at one point you will see, yes… [developer] Michel [Ancel] is working on it, but he’s doing two games at the same time, he’s doing Wild at the same time. It’s coming along, but he has to spend more time on it so we can see it faster.” 

I suppose it’s good news to hear that Beyond is still being worked on, but fromt he sounds of it, focus is on Wild right now and our chances of seeing the anticipated sequel anytime soon is slim.  It’s a little disheartening at this point, but such is the world of game development.  Hopefully we’ll hear/see something more substantial before too long.

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