You Probably Shouldn’t Look at These Leaked Star Wars: First Assault Screens

When people think of Star Wars games they most want to see, Battlefront III is typically one of the first ones mentioned.  It’s got a massive fan following and Star Wars fans have been clinging to any hoope for this game for quite some time.  Last year when word of First Assault leaked onto the internet, gamers were hopeful that it would be a shooting game in the same style as Battlefront.  According to Kotaku, this is exactly what Assault was supposed to be, and that it would eventually lead into a Battlefront III.

Sadly Lucasarts has ‘frozen’ all progress on their current games, including the promising Star Wars: 1313, due to the Disney merger.  So the fate of First Assault is still up in the air, and there’s a possibility it won’t ever be released.  Even so, Kotaku managed to score some screenshots from the shooter and it looks heartbreakingly gorgeous. 

First Assault 1

First Assault 2

First Assault 3

Seriously, I’m trying not to look at them too much, because the more I do, the sadder I become.  It looks like it could be amazing and it’s obviously something fans want.  Just give it to us!