Your ISP Doesn’t Want You To Have Better Internet Access

According to Inquisitor, ISP’s are currently begging the FCC to block government run projects along with projects like Google Fiber. The reports state that USTelecom, the company that represents most ISP’s like Comcast or Time Warner, has been telling the FCC that expansions in Tennessee and North Carolina are unjust and unfair for the taxpayers. The companies state that these services will ultimately fail and the burden will fall on the taxpayers, leaving them with a lack of service and more money to fix the issues.

Yet currently EPB (A government funded ISP) is the fastest and most reliable internet in the country, putting industry leaders to shame. The project is the largest of government run programs, and is currently asking the FCC to allow them to expand their coverage. They plan to expand to areas currently dominated by networks like Time Warner where customers have constantly complained about high prices and lack of service. Time Warner here responded to those complaints by asking the FCC to not allow EPB into their area.

Yet through all the legal words used and random excuses to block EPB, it seems to come down to one things. ISP’s simply don’t want the cities to run their own network because it will cause a disturbance to their greedy ways. Not only are these networks faster and more efficient for companies and home users, they are cheaper. They also don’t have to deal with throttling issues when a company like Netflix doesn’t decide to pay for a toll road to the big greedy ISP. Facing facts, they are not doing this to “protect the taxpayer” they are doing it so they can keep charging you high prices for 10 year old connections.

You would think the story ends there, but the ISP complaining is continued on a constant basis for the past few months. Just recently Comcast and Verizon came about to state “users don’t need speeds higher than 4Mbps.” They suggested anything higher is a waste of money and bandwith. Yet services like Netflix function much better on at least 6Mbps, and they fail to communicate about households with multiple users streaming content at the same time.

While I mentioned it above, these same ISP’s are getting away with charging for “fast lanes” to companies like Netflix. They want to expand the idea, and as expected, other companies followed Comcast to request similar service. Companies don’t pay, they get throttled. Yet it isn’t just companies under attack like this, they also want the users to pay the same fee. Stream a lot? You pay more! Yes, ISP’s want cell phone style service plans implemented so they can charge you for data, bandwith, and even adjust the price based on how you use your connection. “Higher bandwith” users would pay more than your standard internet addict, or they’d get throttled. Basically if you boot up Netflix or play video games online, expect your internet price to go up.

Sound fun right? Nope, and this is why not only Google is sweeping the nation, but government funded wifi and internet packages are coming too. Google started their run because ISP’s simply would not update to allow better internet for users. The government started their projects so that lower tier homes could afford internet. Both have a great cause, and yet who is sitting there fighting them every inch of the way? Your ISP’s! Lucky for us an ex-Google employee is now in the FCC, so maybe that will help fend off a few of the buyouts by ISP’s…..

Personally I was already pressured under this because a local ISP here suggested we needed to pay more simply to play video games online. Everytime a console would boot up, we’d get throttled. We asked several times why before the eventually suggested that it was the consoles fault and we should pay for a gaming service. As you can imagine we switched ISP’s the next billing month.